RJ and Wootteo Plush Combo
RJ and Wootteo Plush Combo
RJ and Wootteo Plush Combo
RJ and Wootteo Plush Combo


RJ and Wootteo Plush Combo

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Wotteo Plush Size: 30 cm/weight 250 Grams
Rj Plush Size: 35cm ( 4")


RJ And Wotteo, the beef. Our Fan Fiction ⬇️

RJ and Jin had been best friends for years, always there for each other no matter what. But recently, RJ had started to feel a little left out. Every time he turned around, it seemed like Wotteo was with Jin, the newest member of their group.

At first, RJ tried to brush it off. He didn't want to be jealous of his best friend's happiness

. But the more he saw them together, the more he felt like he was being replaced. 

He didn't want to lose Jin, but he didn't know how to express his feelings without sounding petty.

Finally, one day he couldn't take it anymore. He confronted Wotteo, telling him how he felt. Wotteo was shocked and hurt, and the two of them got into a heated argument.

But just as things were about to get out of hand, Jin stepped in. He reminded both of them that they were all friends, and that there was enough love and friendship to go around. He helped them see that they were both important to each other, and that their friendship didn't have to be threatened by the addition of a new person.

RJ and Wotteo apologized to each other, and the three of them hugged it out in Jin's arms. From then on, RJ made an effort to include Wotteo in their group, and the three of them became even closer than before.

And in the end, RJ realized that he wasn't being replaced at all. He was gaining a new friend, and his friendship with Wotteo was stronger than ever.